If Veronica Mars is to resemble the plot of The Brothers Karamazov at all, there must be a falsely accused suspect. ......... No, it would have to be someone that Veronica herself believed; it would have to be someone accused within the show, not before it started.

If Duncan is Smerdyakov, Logan is Dmitri. Of course, I realise Logan has not been accused of killing Lilly. Regardless, Logan is the most similar to Dmitri in terms of characterisation. Dmitri, as a suspect, is the epitome of "looks like an evil-doer; smells like an evil-doer; but surprisingly, not an evil-doer." (To paraphrase, because, well, I'm lazy.) Veronica has done surprisingly little to investigate Logan (at least that we've seen). ..................And why is it that Logan says he "could have been there" for Lilly if he was out of the country?

Logan could easily become a suspect. Since we've been casually told that his alibi is airtight, I sort of expect to see it fall apart. Let's just say it did: if it turned out that any part of Logan's alibi was a lie, he would certainly look suspicious, whether or not he actually killed Lilly. I could easily see that as a plot twist - Logan's alibi turning out to be false, but for a completely different reason, which would go undiscovered until it was too late.

If Logan is to truly be Dmitri, he should have actually done something bad at some point, though - Dmitri is not a saint, and he injures someone by accident, which is a large part of what implicates him in Fyodor's death. To fit that bit into Veronica Mars terms, it would probably indicate Logan as the drugger at Shelley Pomeroy's party, or somehow involved in the situation. It could equally imply that he knows something about Lilly's death, but I consider the rape to be nearly as important as Lilly's death, so I try to work that into my speculation. ........Logan being involved in that situation would satisfy the required black marks against his character that we see in Dmitri in The Brothers Karamazov. Alternately, Logan could have been involved in the rape in a way that might make it look as though he had something to do with Lilly's murder, though I can't think of that in specifics without knowing what happened when Lilly died.................

Which would make Veronica Ivan, of course. Ivan's philosophising about God obviously doesn't fit the show in exact terms, but Ivan is essentially a logical cynic, much like Veronica. ...........

Still, it's interesting to do the comparison, and fun because it combines two of my favourite things. If they used The Brothers Karamazov intentionally, I highly doubt that it was meant as any sort of hint to the rest of the season. If anything, it was probably meant to make people who'd read the book and connected the parallels suspect Duncan because of the epilepsy connection. I hope that it was intentional, because it's very clever.