Так оставляют след.

Так творятся миры.


и вдыхаю гнилье отлива.

""""... Общество (бюргерское) обновляется в ходе мнимых нападок на самое себя
מחבואים של מיכאל הנקה ?


Fic, Five Times Draco Malfoy Was Told He Looked Like Hell, PG
Juuuust a fun little aside. A response to this, which purple_chalk can yell at me for linking to if she feels like it.

At that club, in the place, in the town, in England. Draco couldn't be more specific because he didn't really remember much about it; just the bloke who'd spoken. He'd been tallish and large-ish, but mostly he'd looked a lot like Crabbe, which had been nice. Comforting.

Twenty minutes before his wedding. His bow-tie wouldn't tie and why were they called bow-ties if they WOULDN'T and oh, god, he'd conned this woman into marrying him under false pretenses because if she actually bothered to look closer she'd see it, how much better she could do, there were men out there who could tie their ties and get married without wanting to actually, you know, vomit all over the chapel and--

--Astoria opened the door, in her wedding dress, and said it. He looked at her, opened his mouth to say things about beauty or bad luck or, maybe, to commence with the vomiting, but she waved a hand and tied his bow-tie and called him stupid--for worrying or for putting his cufflinks on wrong, Draco wasn't sure. Then she pressed a kiss into the corner of his mouth and said "Buck up, 'High Society' is your middle name, and it's not like I'm going to jilt you, you idiot."

"But--" Draco started.

"In twenty minutes I'll be Mrs. Malfoy," she said. "Now shut up and brush your hair."

Three weeks after Scorpius was born. Astoria fixed him with a mighty glare and said "Get out, get out and take him with you or I will kill you both, all I ask is a few hours of sleep and maybe a pastry, Draco, oh my god," and so he left, taking the baby with him.

......................--Scorpius pulled away from the bottle, and spat milk that had come out of Draco's wife all over Draco's face.

Scorpius had a hell of a spit take, for an infant. He started howling, screaming at the top of his lungs--it was deafening and awful, and Draco looked down at him through milk-soaked hair and thought Oh. Maybe, for me, this isn't really the kind of love that goes away.

"I think," he said to the baby, gravely, "that I shall call you Spawn, for certainly no normal child could have come to such evil so young."

Scorpius looked back at him, briefly mocked his grave expression, and then vomited on his shirt. It was a nice shirt. He was, in fact, quite fond of it. As such, he was surprised to find himself laughing--real, honest laughter--as he wiped the spit-up from his son's face.

A woman sat down on the bench next to him. "You look like hell," she said, cheerily.

Draco grinned back at her. "Yeah," he said, laughter still heavy on his breath, "I bet I do."

Title: Five Times Scorpius Malfoy Seriously Underestimated His Parents (And One Time Albus Potter Did it For Him)
Rating: PG-13

The "unbreakable" locking charm on his door.
The "absolutely hidden" stash of pot in his closet.
The "utterly camouflaged" porn under his bed.
The "completely covered" tattoo on his shoulderblade.
The "we'll keep this between us" detention Professor Longbottom gave him for what he was secretly growing in back of Greenhouse Four.

"They won't know," Albus hissed, pulling in another hit, "they're in Tahiti. I can't believe you're making us whisper."

"They always know," Scorpius hissed back, "which you would know if you ever paid any attention at all to how often I get caught. ...................... In spite of himself, he was cheered to know Albus would go down with him. In a rather more normal voice, he said "Did you bring condoms, then? We're high now, so we might as well go ahead while we can, they'll show up in a second."

"What--" said Albus Potter, just as Draco Malfoy, Astoria Malfoy, and his own father burst through the door.)

19.) I always, always, always meant for him to have Harry if anything happened to us. Lily did too. Sirius is a stupid shit sometimes but he would have been great; I wish everyday that things had happened differently, for my son’s sake as much as his own.

20.) Sirius Black—no matter what anyone’s said about him, no matter how many times he hung me from the rafters by my underwear first year, no matter how stupid he always has been and always will be—Sirius Black is the best friend any man has ever had, and make no mistake.



по ленинск местам Цветок в твоих

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<что первые скульптуры первобытные люди делали из того липкого, что лежало под рукой



Но тут на сцену выходит австралийский пастух и произносит:

"When Tim and I to Brisbane went
We met three ladies cheap to rent,
they were three and we were two.
so I booked one and Tim booked two....."


о живности дома - они же как больн член семьи

//do sih por osheloml




как важно быть серьезн




Dream A Little Bigger, Darling

בני הוריד לי ההתחלה בעברית והשגתי את האי שלי - כמעט כל היום ישבתי מול המחשב- ראיתי שמעתי וקראתי ; מבסוטית - כן

If only there were a way to get her to change her goddamn mind.”

Cobb fell into his hand chair as a very brilliant idea dawned on him.

“Maybe...maybe there is a way,” he said slowly. He met Ariadne’s eyes and saw her gape back at him in realization. “And maybe, it’s our next job.”



читать дальше

אגון שילה נער קורס


.........................Кисивада - пригород Осака. Примерно как Купчино для Питера............>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Тосикадзу Накадзо.
Кадзуюки Идзуцу
<Пацаны из Кисивады>


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Читака хочет слышать только свой внутренний голос и ...................
этот голос ему неприятен

И тут мы подходим к вечному вопросу, который буравит мозг Главного Редактора с завидной регулярностью. ПОЧЕМУ МЕНЯ ЧИТАЮТ МУДАКИ? Почему их больше двух? Я не в смысле, что мне надо больше, я вообще интересуюсь


на самом деле - одна из причин почему я не комм - жалко бедолагу автора - причем без всяк фиглярств - они искрн недоум и сожал - "не те" читают -тот же М - наск ненав сама мысль об архивн юнош

.И в этом трагедия ...................... Потому что жутко ведь ощущать, что ты придумал себе одну публику, одного слушателя, а пришел другой и он твоего выгнал, и ты думаешь ........................






Some girls have all the looks and some have all the wit, and she has Draco Malfoy, which is something else, isn't it?

He'd let her slap him, that has to mean something.

And if the arsehole had another little hissy fit the way he did sometimes, and refused to act the way he knows he should, she could always stick that second year's head down the toilet and laugh and laugh. It would be fun, and there would be more stories told about her. Pansy likes her fame; it suits her, though it doesn't really matter. Everything ............................

"You're something else, Parkinson," he says, and she takes that the way she wants it.



Everyone I'm still friends with in fandom seems to hate Book 5, but it's still resolutely my favorite and it always will be. Part of it may be circumstance: it was the first new book to come out when I was into HP .................. Part of it is my own love of canon details, since I'm convinced OotP gave us the best ones—thestrals, the Room of Requirement, the House of Black, Occlumency, what-have-you. Also, despite all the proclamations about OotP being the death of H/D, I think I love the difficult, struggling fics that emerged after OotP the most, sometimes. I still love angry adolescent Harry. I still love Sirius and all the hints about Pureblood history and the extent of the Wizarding World that are revealed through him. Perhaps I just love that things get so much more complicated in OotP, where, to quote Sirius, the world isn't divided into good people and Death Eaters, and Harry has to deal with all kinds of shades of gray. Half the book, his enemies aren't even Death Eaters or Voldemort, they're his school administration and his government. To me, it's the moment where JKR takes the step from making this a simplistic good vs. evil fight, which would be a cop-out, and complicates things a bit. This isn't a struggle that just happens in an imaginary magical realm, it's a struggle all her readers could potentially identify with or experience.

Maybe OotP isn't the most action-focused book, or the one with the most character growth, but I think it expands the world the most—the depth of the war we realize they're going to have to fight, the extent of the Wizarding World's history, the complications of declaring people simply good or evil, all of it. There are criticisms that this expansion is too much, but I don't care, it's exactly what I wanted. And it's the book that has the most explicitly stated views on house unity within Hogwarts and magical unity within the world, and while I don't agree with how JKR resolved those things, it still means a lot to me that she gestured to them. In short, I could be wrong, but I feel like OotP is the direct cause or root of Lightning on the Wave's The Sacrifices Arc, aka Connor Potter, ...................................................

03. What house would you be in?

The obvious answer is Ravenclaw. Sometimes I feel like I could be a Slytherin, which no one would agree with because I never let anyone see those parts of me. I am definitely not a Gryffindor, and while I wouldn't mind being a Hufflepuff, I don't actually think I'm all that loyal, when it comes down to inherent qualities. I don't talk about this question very much, because I don't really like my answers, but I think it's true.

For all the fics that have touched me that I've remembered, laughed over, posted their titles in Aja's revival post last year, there are probably ten that I've read that have touched me in ways I won't remember but will always be grateful for. I still get breathless with joy over the really good ones, the ones I want to hold close and re-read forever, the ones whose writing and canon characterization win me over completely. But I also still get tears in my eyes when I think the phrase "You made my life a little less pointless", and I still smile fondly and sad-nostalgically over things like Protective Bonds, and I still think happily of the days I spent on

"Wangoballwithme?" Potter Stinks.

11. Character you're crushing on.

I don't know how to take this question! I don't want to steal Aja's answer, but I really do just adore Cho, in this way I can't explain. I can't understand why I love her so much. Is it because the first HP fic I ever read was about her, though I didn't plan it that way or even know who she was at the time? Is it because she's Asian? Is it because I loathe Ginny as a partner for Harry and think even Cho would be better? Is it because of Nocturne Alley? Is it because of Katie Leung's adorable accent? I don't know, but girl, whatever it is, it's working.

20. A favorite quote?

I don't know what this means. "Scared, Potter?" is a good one. If............................................... But really, I just want to say this:
"We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better."
That's J.K. Rowling, at Harvard's graduation in 2008. The

In my Pop Culture class, we talk a lot about how people make meaning (and community) through pop culture, rather than simply being affected by pop culture. How media mediate human relationships.
Back in 2007, that summer that felt like the end of an era, I wrote this: "To me, Harry Potter is about magic, and the magic of love, and the magic of imagination. It's about the powers we all have, and what we can do with them . . . .
"I'm not saying that the books and what fandom has created are the same thing to me, or have the same meaning, or the same importance, or that I confuse the two—but they've both impacted me, in these past five years, and both of them will stick with me. And I want them to. I want to put a Permanent Sticking Charm on all of these things, and fix them in my mind forever, because it's important, the way literature, and people, and loving both of these, can transform us—can make us stronger and more of ourselves.
So when I say I love Harry Potter, that's what I mean, more or less."
I hope that's always true.


разлив желчи
что всем понр, а тебе нет

из фильм просто - эффект бабочки

когда наткн перв раз- решила стам хрень что-то вроде ~интровертам фильм понрав, если есть персон с кем себя м отождест, экстроверт такой привязки не нужно"
если отвлечься от необх именно персонажа, то наверн в моем случае это будет верно - в чем-то картинке /сюжете/перс хоть в чем-н должна быть зацепка////
также как трудно признать правильным , что фильм, котор произвел сильн впечатл/вызвал глуб эмоциональн отклик чисто об\ективно посредств и ничего из себя не представл
я говорю - но ведь я после никак не могл /я прокруч и так и сяк а мне--ну и что, а если бы ты выглянула в окно и увидела тото и тото - это бы тебя не потрясло? и какое это имеет отношен к искусству? вроде все верно, но при этом все равно скорее с удивлением - да, фильм офигительн , но ни тот котор эмоц тебя сомн и выбросит
мне оч понр Нач и как бы перед собой стыдн что вся эмоц сторона оставл равнод, в том смысле смотришь с интересом и вполне себе бессердечно, что ничуть не умал офигит и радостн впечатления

из фиков //но тут сам себя обвин в ксенофобии///
База ???????вся проза как~ мясист и маловыразит бандитск рожа~, достали уже эти как бы гопники и Bellatrix в роли комиссара из "служили два товарища "
зато там кто-то кого-то пнул, чтобы разбудить и оттуда понеслось - он спал на циновке, пчувств пинок, сгруппиров, откатился, в прыжке встал в стойку и прав рукой резко и сильно ..............- /// сыну подарили плэйстэйшн , игра Tekken - незабываем
Пуля для героя

дальше проще- я перест чит напрочь изв и всеми любим авторов

с возвращ на sw -

"Отец и в первый-то раз постарался помешать его возвращению. Кто же знал, что Уизли в голову не придет проверить, какие книги их дочь берет с собой в Хогвартс"

///понятно , если фик не нравит то придерешься по люб поводу - но все-таки///// я знаю что в сумке у ребенк 1 сент (да ему 11 лет но он у меня оболтус- я ему не соберу /уложу /подпишу//каранд наточу/накл не прикл так ведь без ничего и уйдет) но у всех вокруг дети ж самостоят, блин, это 5 класс ,а уж полож /подпихн как нибудь незаметно для себя любимого, тем более речь шла о тетр дневнике
а звучит-то как проверить какие книги берет с собой /как "завтра была в" - покажи мне свой чит формуляр// предпол что у норм детей родители провер/направл руков и о формир круг чтен
мож я прост ненавижу идеальн семьи

"взывали об отмщении"- и это можно выговорить?

столько людей восхищают; и как бы судя по никам и не заподозрить что онi не читали ничего стоящ , хотя как вариант на безрыбьи , или прост вежлив неискрен отписка
да читабельн .,но не более -а восторги , и такое изощрение в отзывах

i повеств довольн занудн , характ вполне себе механич, штампы здесь и там - заводн паровозик на рельсах - хотя есть до фига детей и взросл котор любят железн дорогу, все магаз забиты
сумасойти- там еще восхищ психологией - это когда душка Драко приглаш милейш Люциуса порыться в мозгах Гарри- фигассе и даже без их предыстории

с др стороны гладк фика для меня никогда не была в достоинств
а здесь сам вроде как в глупейш полож требовать души/огонька от профи (всего-то фики - а все туда же- то сиськи маленькие, то жопа холодная

не, ну вон ни разу ни шедевр, но всем из себя приятн фик on a clear day i нврнк можно найти кучу недостатк но черт - он "живой и светится" a zдесь......

фик как фильм с Мэг Райан
4 vosp

............................ Мягкие тягучие переборы и заливистые трели, навзрыд рыдающие сексты и требовательные кварты, пустые, полые квинты и насыщенные яркие терции. Тревожная доминанта – и финальный аккорд. ................................................
Спец красивое, причем формально вполне мой родн кинк ~красивые во всем красивом, они несли свои тела., но ведь абсол пусто
хотя конечн дьявольск трелли, Катя и крокодил , и через сто лет и мне все равно смешно будет , обидно дети смотрели как на дурочку, их там не развеселило ничего))))))))))

Theft of Assets
мне до сих пор интересно угадывать что кажд из них хотел сказать первонач

инресн , можно ли сказать они"как живые"? наверн, в том смысле как некотор fict персонажи станов реальн - ну ты там за них переживаешь/продумываешь разн варианты -нав да; а как парни с соседн улицы - разве что ее Рон и Гарри
на сам деле фик конечо абсол прекр


стирала стар ссылки - наткн на что-то непон, полезла провер, что за хрень затесалась - распечат немного - сижу читаю - наверн, для детей науч-поп, самой интер стало, дошла до теор струн- черт ,так это ж фантастика. кто ж это так искусн простебал чит -дальше обратно- ->реальн чист наука чит как фэнтэзи , ах да + черн дыра излуч + темн материя + учен отрицающ важн рез т.е. когда невозм-ть экспер не явл препятств.............

нечто измеряемое и осмысленное становящееся бесконеч

сам сильн +++++++++ Кеплер ,гениальн равн безумству, перв его теории
красота математ выкладок это соверш невероятно "музыка сфер" воспринят буквально
i то что ушел работ к датчан и даже кража данных
а обработка данных вручную (ско-ко там было - десятки лет? )
мамародная смотрите дети как он беден, как презирают все его

и ах да мне было плeвать, что школа не научила меня видеть в матем искусство а только ее прикладн практич приложен, но здесь действ жаль- тупо восприним про неправ Арист-Птол сист забывая что она почти 2 тыс лет дав верн прилож

зато включ покоя как разновидн движения - легко и просто исключит-но благодарая школе; что не учила там, так и ост на уровне сломать мозги - " эффект ускорен неотлич от эф гравит

мне всегда казал что лит-ра почти единств способ разв воображ , физика не менее хорошачитать дальше



Дневник pag