The Killing Moon

This is a really bad time to be moving in,” he said.
“As the virgin said to the necromancer.”
“Bet you can’t remember the beginning of that joke.”
“It’s funnier out of context anyway.”
calmly and said “so, when were you bitten?”
The pride disintegrated. Lupin had been going easy on him, his questions purposely designed to give Draco wriggle room, to make him complacent…and while Draco’s brain was coming to terms with that ego-puncturing realisation, his mouth was moving. “The 20th,” he whispered. Lupin showed no signs of triumph; he put down his cup and leaned forwards, and the sadness and pity in his eyes made Draco want to curl up and hide.
He managed not to do anything so humiliating; he just looked down at his hands and tried to remember how to breathe. “I suppose you smelt it on me.”
“Ah, the legendary werewolf senses,” Lupin said, and the humour in his voice was tainted by bitterness. “Overrated, I’m afraid - at least for most of the month. I wondered, but I wasn’t sure until I saw the scar on your shoulder. Werewolf bites never heal correctly.” There was a sudden silence, and Draco felt as if he was under close scrutiny. “It wasn’t a random attack, was it? Because you seem to be very good at defending yourself.”
There wasn’t any point to resisting the Veritaserum anymore, but… he felt that if he spoke the words out loud, told Lupin the gory details, then somehow the whole thing would become more real. Besides, Lupin was the same as Greyback - he‘d probably enjoy the story too much. “It wasn’t random,” Draco said, and that was the only response the question needed.
He concentrated on his hands, carefully noting the damage that he still had to get fixed - bruising on one palm, grazes on his knuckles and across the back of his hand. The room seemed to be getting smaller, and the air stuffier.
“Who was it?”
And that didn‘t need much of an answer either. “Fenrir Greyback.”
“Ah.” More silence, then a shadow fell over him and he felt Lupin’s hand on his shoulder. “He’s responsible for my condition too.”
“Don’t touch me!” Draco stumbled to his feet, tiredness forgotten in a sudden blind rush of panic. What the fuck am I doing? I put myself alone with a werewolf - what was I thinking? The room was definitely shrinking. “I haven’t got a condition! The infection might not have taken. I’m not like you.” He backed up to the door. Lupin didn’t move - just looked at him with sad, sympathetic eyes - but he was still too close.
“Really?” Lupin said mildly. “If you can say that under Veritaserum you must really be in denial.”



Silence fell as everyone in the corridor turned to stare at Harry. Hermione blinked, then smiled, her eyes twinkling. “No, neither do we. Really.”

Harry reran the sentence through his head. Oh, god - why can’t the floor just open and swallow me up? “Kill me, please.”

“Put any more pictures like that into my head and I will,” Ron said.
He shuddered. “With pleasure.”


vзапой/напрозaпас/напочитать/ совремилираньше

так это ж оказ общее место - сталкив Дина ну с очень пин-пинтересн девицей
Dean Winchester/Luna Lovegood


"Are you Martin?"
Dean stared at her, not lowering his gun yet. Her accent was weird... British, maybe? "What?"
"Martin," the girl said patiently, as if they were having the conversation over coffee in a diner. "Are you Martin Miggs?"
"...No," Dean said, and finally lowered his gun. She seemed far too calm to be about to try to kill him. "Is that who you were looking for? Who are you?"

"Oh. Martin."
"Not Martin," Dean said. "Dean. Here, have some water."
She took a sip and blinked at him. "You don't look like Dean. Do you draw, too?"
"...No," Dean said. "I'm - another Dean, I guess."

He took satisfaction in seeing Luna blink in confusion for once

He wasn't really planning to sleep, not with some crazy chick in the room with him and no one there to watch his back, but if he pretended, he stood a better chance of avoiding any more weird conversations with her.
"Don't go trying any hocus pocus on me in the middle of the night," he warned her gruffly, sliding into his own bed.
"I won't," she said seriously.

Dean narrowed his eyes - it wasn't coincidence that she'd put her weapon away as soon as he had his. He was quickly coming to the conclusion that, weird or not, this girl wasn't half as oblivious to what was going on around her as she seemed.

They were Death Eaters," Luna said.
Dean raised his eyebrows expectantly. "I'm guessing you don't mean cannibals."
Luna looked thoughtful. "Not that I'm aware of. Although with some of them it might explain a thing or two. No, the Death Eaters are the followers of the Dark Lord..

He figured he couldn't count on seeing or hearing them approaching through the woods.
Damn, but he hated magic.

You should hold my hand."
Dean stared at her. "Um, not that I'm complaining, sweetheart, but we only just met."
"Don't worry, you don't need to be shy," Luna said, catching hold of his hand and interlacing her fingers with his. "You're not a wizard, so the protections on the house are trying to turn you away. If we hold hands, the house knows you're with me and leaves you in peace."

She started walking again and Dean went with her, trying not to think about the cool hand in his.
"Thought there'd be more hocus-pocus involved," he muttered. "Not just holding hands."
"Holding hands can be very powerful," Luna said dreamily. "Like the old handfasting ceremonies when people got married..."
Dean only just stopped himself from yanking his hand away. "What?"

You've got to be kidding me. You're searching for something and you don't even know what it looks like?"
"You could say that," Luna said serenely

anything that looks like it might be full of dark magic, is that what you're saying?"
"Oh, no," Luna said, sounding surprised. "This house belongs to the Lestranges. Just about everything here will be full of dark magic."

"Oh, no," Luna said. "I don't think the Lestranges would have anything that could kill someone outright."
"Awesome," Dean said.
"They'd probably want to torture any intruder first," Luna added absently. "That's far more likely."
Once again, Dean was left asking himself whether she did it on purpose

Dean waved a hand dismissively. "Got nothing better to do right now."
Luna smiled, sudden and bright. "Well, I wouldn't want you to get bored."

"Is that the sound cars make when they talk to each other?" Her voice held the exact degree of innocence that kept Dean from figuring out whether it was genuine or she was laughing at him.

"No," Dean said through gritted teeth, "that was the sound of the drivers of a dozen cars warning us they nearly killed us. And probably want to kill us for pulling a stunt like that." He shot a baleful glare at her wand. "Can't you make that thing warn you about changes of direction sooner? Because if this car gets so much as a scratch on this trip, dying in a car crash will be the least of your worries."

"The spell wasn't really designed for such high-speed travel, I'm afraid," Luna said, unruffled. "Perhaps if you ask your car to slow down a little, there would be more time to react."
Dean decided to just pretend he hadn't heard that. He was prepared to put up with a lot of weird suggestions from the crazy girl, but driving slow wasn't one of them.

but finally she said, "My father would know. He's a specialist in investigating conspiracies, and discovering species and magical creatures other people don't believe in."
"Huh," Dean said. Sounded like a man after his own heart.

You're sure?" Dean asked.
"My wand is," Luna said serenely.
Dean snorted. "Yeah, and I bet all the guys tell you that, too."

The idea of Luna in a bar was vaguely alarming: she seemed to be at right angles to reality most of the time anyway, without adding alcohol into the mix.

There's no way you're dressing me up in one of your... dresses."

"It's not one of mine, it's one of Ginny's,"

"You're crazy," Dean told her, with absolute certainty.
"So they tell me," Luna said equably. "This way."
Dean followed her into the crowd, muttering under his breath, but then he had to laugh. It had been a good prank. Worthy of Sammy, even.

She waved one hand vaguely. "The Lestranges and the Blacks have always been a bit... odd."
"Really," Dean said, not letting himself smile to hear that coming from Luna.

"This book says I shouldn't be wearing any clothes when I perform magic," Luna said as he came up behind her.
Dean grinned appreciatively at the image. "And here I thought all those books were full of rubbish."

Is that the plan here, too? Wait for someone to come rescue us?"
"Oh, no," Luna said in surprise. "I was planning to leave in a few minutes, once the Death Eaters are definitely out of hearing range. You can stay here and wait if you like, though, I don't mind."

This is Dean," Luna added by way of explanation, holding the cell door open for them. "He's not an artist, but he's very good at sex."
Dean had almost been around Luna long enough now not to be surprised. "Hell yeah," he agreed simply, grinning as the other two choked.


אסי וגורי בכלא

פרוספר וסיפור חייו סקס סמים ומזרחית

זו הייתה פעם ראשונה שגיליתי סטנדפיסטים בישראל - ז"א גיליתי שאפילו עם העברית שלי אני יכולה לצחוק כמו מטורללת על הבדיחות האלה


I как-то мне сказала снисх - понятно, тебе нрав попса от классики
тогда я пон обиделась, но за что не возьмись - кажд раз убежд, а ведь это правда - в люб обл /кино/ музыка и даже у отд художника мне будет нрав именно что его вещи, наиболее доступн для ? мас/обыкн чел- в ощем простодушн как я

когда-то мне стало обидно когда М сказала что ей тоже нрав МЦ и, хотя это я ее долго убеждала что ей da понр, перв реакц -расстроил и мне стало обидно
т е абс собствен и при этом еще и первобытн- хочу люблю, хочу расколочу и только мое


Summer arrives
With a length of lights
Summer blows away
And quietly gets swallowed by a wave
It gets swallowed by a wave

My girl, linen and curls

Waylay the din of the day

chimbley, a chimbley sweep


JOAN BAEZ D-s and rust




госторг на ул. кирова - Великовский www.photosight.ru/photos/2679040/
госбанк на неглинной - Жолтовский o-moskve.narod.ru/p7.html
Клуб Коммунальников на лесной - Голосов? Мельников К www.photosight.ru/photos/2518603/?from_member
Барщ и Синявский club.foto.ru/classics/photo/1235/
бр. Веснины www.photosight.ru/photos/2658412/?from_member

Мельников К www.photosight.ru/photos/2685806/?from_member


River stepping around the table and the balls dancing at her command.

When she's done, she grins a little. "Not luck."

Dean looks from River to Simon. "I think I've just been had."

"No," Simon says. He's not as smug as Dean thinks a man with a pool shark for a little sister ought to be. "I don't think she has played before."

Dean starts to smile. "Well, sweetheart," he says to River. "You've shown me you can sink 'em. Let me show you how to miss 'em."

Her forehead wrinkles; it's kind of cute. "Why?"

"Money," Dean says. "You and I could make a killing out there. With my looks and your talent, we'd be unstoppable."

"Simon doesn't think I should embark on a life of crime," she says. Then a smile breaks over her face. "Would you grow a twirly moustache?"

"River, how did you-- Never mind," Simon says.

"That was a joke, right?" Dean asks. "Because the money won't be that good."

River's still grinning.

если ничего не ост-ся - уйду дочит, сама себя опл ядом за Сэм/Инара



наконец-то расчитала -на 2 гл крит составл сл б отключилась (начало имeнно поэтому абс не читаемо) только бы она все не испорт



А вот интересно: какая, на ваш взгляд, самая интересная, самая прекрасная русская книжка ВТОРОГО РЯДА?
читать дальше(((((((((((((((
любовь слепа - 1/2 назв. я бы отнесла к классике /перв ряд


Аквариум это диагноз и на всю жизнь
привет декабристам и вконтактниковым аудио

The Mariner's Revenge Song
Sons And Daughters
July, July!
Leslie Anne Levine
Los Angeles, I'm Yours
The Bagman's Gambit
מביישת להודות שאני לא אוהבת קריין וייפ


любовь моя Uta
кто мне все эти Нарциссы, пока я помню тебя



с ума сойти - кто сам ушел, кто забанен

средние века




[]...............у каждого есть тайный, личный мир. Есть в этом мире самый лучший миг. Есть в этом мире самый страшный час - но это все ........................................ /E.E





игров комн , откуда ребенка пришла вытаск - первое - портрт Мики Рурка

Дневник pag